Hunt using howling is not a Show!
Hunt using howling is the most complex, highly intellectual and highly emotional way of hunting a Wolf, based on the hunter's skill, imitating the howl of the Wolf with his voice, to lure (to beckon by howling) him in order to identify and prey.
This hunt requires deep knowledge of the biology of the Wolf, its behavior and communication during all periods of life, therefore, it can be carried out all year round at evening, morning dawns and the whole night. . It is necessary to beckon by howling in a natural voice, various devices in the form of a horn can be used to increase the volume. Inexperienced beckon by howling and the use of electricians, especially for the Wolf - a Huge Evil!
The ability to beckon by howling is a whole science, since you need to know and understand: how to beckon by howling, when to beckon by howling, by whom to beckon by howling, how much to beckon by howling and what pauses are needed in various cases.
The howler is not yet a Wolf Hunter, much less a Wolfer. Technology and tactics are the backbone of beckon hunting by howling! It is necessary to carry out a lot of preparatory measures to collect reliable information, study the territory of the hunting farm, study the indigenous territory of the Wolves and determine the positions for a successful hunt. Shooting and psychological training of hunters is of great importance. If the hunters had shot half of the Wolves coming out by the beckon by howling, they would have been defeated three times more! Unfortunately, the statistics are harsh ... The howler works for maximum results and for the team, not for his own trophy!

Round-up hunting is a method of hunting based on long-term tracking of wolves, as a rule, in the snow, determining the place of their day, followed by hooking (organizing a round-up area with the help of flags) and conducting a round-up by a driven method, forcing the predators to go out to correctly placed shooters.
Round-up hunting with flags is a complex, time-consuming and necessarily technologically advanced way of hunting the Wolf, requiring from the organizers and hunters certain knowledge, skills and abilities, at the same time, highly effective and prey hunting.
Round-up hunting is associated with the involvement of a large number of disciplined shooters, who are obliged to stringency and strictly follow the instructions of the organizer of the hunt and instructions on safety.

Baiting hunt is an individual way of hunting a Wolf, based on the correct organization of a bait (bait in the form of carcasses of dead cows, horses and other animals) and long-term guarding of predators on a tower or a lobaz with the aim of prey. In the language of hunting - to bait the Wolf
Competent organization of a baiting tower is a series of preparatory measures and its constant correct maintenance, which makes it possible to bait more than one pack of Wolves in order to regulate their number in the hunting area.
Several towers in the hunting area are an indicator of the constant and continuous struggle with the Wolves!
Baiting hunt is the main way to shoot predators, which cause huge damage to farms.

Crosswalk hunt is a method of hunting based on keeping Wolves on their way to prey.
The crosswalking of Wolfs takes years, even decades. They are driven by two factors: food and the factor of human disturbance, based on this, the life of predators develops. Crosswalk hunt is a very accessible way, requiring observation, attentiveness, knowledge of the area, the boundaries of the pack territory, as well as extraordinary perseverance, patience and endurance from the hunter.
A huge help is the use of camera traps on trails and urinary points to set a timetable for the movement of the Wolves. Crosswalk hunt is well combined with trap hunting and hunting using howling.

Trap hunt is a method of hunting the Wolf, based on the use of traps in order to prey on a predator.
Trap hunt is gaining great popularity in our time and is an affordable way, but still requires knowledge of the biology of the Wolf, observation, attentiveness, knowledge of the area and territory of the pack. The hunter must have certain knowledge, skills, the ability to prepare and correctly set traps.
The setting of traps, followed by careful camouflage, is carried out at crossings, urinary points, paths to the water, on baits and in the area of the lair. This method of hunting is well combined with crosswalk hunt and baiting hunt.

A pregnant or puppy She-Wolf is the smartest, cunning and most careful Wolf!
Capturing the Wolves' lair is the most difficult and highly effective way of hunting, based on painstaking tracking of mature Wolves and long-term observation of them (March-May) in the expected area of the future brood, followed by a one-time search and capture of all cubs.
This hunt is considered the most difficult, requiring deep knowledge of Wolf biology and knowledge of absolutely the entire technological process, which must be started as early as March. The lair of the Wolves is, as a rule, the most secretive, secret, not visited by humans and often difficult to approach place.
If you can't find a lair, you can hunt on the lairs with the help of beckon by howling in the morning dawn, when the cubs are already starting to howl. Hunting on lairs is very interesting and prey, it requires certain knowledge of the tactics of this hunt from hunters.