Wolfer and Wolf Hunter - are the hunting elite.

  • Wolfhuntersclub is a Team of Real Like-minded Hunters
  • Everyone works for the Team, and the Team for the Result.
  • The spirit of competition, not rivalry for personal superiority.
  • Joy for the success of teammates, not vile envy.
  • Hunters are Caste, Hunters for the Wolf are Family!

Join our Club!
Wolf fighting is an essential part of hunting ethics.

Only the Persistent is accompanied by Luck!
Application form
The cost of the annual membership fee is 150 Euro.

  • Provision of club insignia.
  • Participation in closed seminars (webinars) to study the methods of hunting the Wolf. Seminars are held once a quarter.
  • Opportunity to participate in organizing and conducting hunting for the Wolf and other hunting animals (workshop).
  • Obtaining preferential right to conduct commercial hunting for the Wolf in the region of the Club member or the hunting farm offered by him.
  • Analysis of jointly conducted hunting for the Wolf, analysis of successful and unsuccessful results.
  • Opportunity to participate in the rating of the Club in two categories "Wolf Hunter of the Year" by the number of wolves taken and by trophy qualities.
  • Discount on club services is 10%.
  • • Opportunity to participate in scientific activities of the Club for studying the biology of the Wolf.
The cost of the annual membership fee is 500 Euro

  • A club badge and an additional package with The club's logo are provided.
  • All possibilities of the first level
  • Practical study of methods of hunting the Wolf and possible tactics to combat it; analysis of trace information;
    work with the map;
    analysis of wind roses and weather conditions in the region;
    analysis and reconnaissance of the area;
    work with information from local residents, hunters and huntsmen;
    determining the possible number of flocks and the number of flocks on the territory of the farm;
    selection of possible positions;
    selection of the place and preparation of the bait, and etc.
  • Personal consultations on preparation for hunting on the Wolf in hunting farms and in farms (conditions and periodicity are separately discussed with the board of the club).
  • Possibility to participate in large-scale events to regulate the number of Wolves in sponsored hunting farms, based on the level of training of the Club member.
  • Discount on club services - 15%.
  • Opportunity to participate in video shootings held by the Club.

The Founders Of The Club

Symbols and signs
Да будет Волк битым!
Да, будет!

Accounting for captured wolves

Club Ratings
The club maintains ratings in nominations for the number of wolves taken and the best trophy qualities of a Wolf.